Do you need help making your paycheck last to the next payday?

Tired of Check Cashing places?

Payday is right around the corner, but you have an emergency and need funds NOW!

N.G.H. Credit Union’s ADVance Loan is an affordable alternative to loans provided at Check Cashing Stores. This short-term loan provides members with up to $500 that will get repaid on payday.

Plus, unlike Check Cashing Stores, N.G.H. Credit Union does not charge high fees that make it very expensive to access short-term funds.

Interest Rate– 28% APR
Application Fee– $25
The maximum number for loans that a member can get is 3 in a six month rolling period.
A credit report will be pulled every six months but the Beacon Score will not be considered.
A debt to income ratio will be calculated. When the new loan is added in, the highest ratio allowed will be 60%. This will include all the payments being made for all types of debt. Yes, student loan debt will be considered if the member is at the point where they are paying it back. The total amount owed will not be considered.
A member must be in good standing, which means, they must not be in bankruptcy. If they have been in bankruptcy; are out of bankruptcy now and have not cause the credit union a loss, they are eligible.
A member who has caused the credit union a loss is not eligible for this or any other type of loan product we offer.


A member will have to belong to the credit union for at least 30 days prior to applying for this loan.


 For more information, please ask one of our Member Services Representatives!